Product Technical Details

We are manufacturer , supplier and exporter of complete set of Brass Fountain Nozzles such as Spray Nozzles , Vulcan Nozzles , Cascade Nozzles , Bubbler Nozzles , Mist Nozzles , Adjustable Fountain Nozzles , Fountain Long Nozzles , Multi Jet Nozzles , Foam Effect Nozzles , Water Film Nozzles , Fountain Ball Nozzles , Ball Joint , Foam Fountain Nozzles , Deck Jet Fountain Nozzles and any Kind of Brass Component can be developed as per customer's specifications.

Materials :

Brass IS- 319 Grade I and Brass IS-319 Grade II , CuZn39Pb3, C 36000 , Any Special Brass material Composition as per customers requirement

Threads :

ISO Metric , BSP , BSPT , NPT , NPTF , UNC , UNF , UNEF etc. Any Threads as per custom design

Size :

Specification or as per custom design or requirement

Finish :

Natural Plated , Nickel Plated , Chrome Plated , Silver Plated , Tin Plated or any Coating as per customer specification.